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SSFP Fishmeal is flour made by cooking and milling fresh raw fish. It is normally a brown powder/meal. Fishmeal is used as a high protein ingredient in feed for poultry, pigs ruminants, farmed fish and fur producing animals. It increases productivity and improves the efficiency with which feed is converted to animal produce.

SSFP fishmeal particularly useful for young animals, for example in broiler starter diets, diets for early weaned pigs and for farmed fish and fur producing animals, as if contains amino acids, proteins in a readily digestible state. It also contains high percentage of calcium and phosphate in it. This product is particulary beneficial in situation which are less than ideal.
The nutrient content of SSPPL fish meal

Proximate Analysis (%) of Fishmeal content Application
  Grate 1 Farmed fish, soap industries, pharmaceutical, cattle, leather industries
Product color brown power
Moisture < 10.0
Crude protein 60-70%
Crude fat < 10.0
Crude ash < 20.0
Crude fibre 0
Particle size  
Chlorine present by mass max 4.0
Salmonella Free
Vibrio cholera Free

SSFP fish oil is obtained by cooked quality and hygiene fish. It is normally yellow/ orange to dark brown in color depending on the species of fish from which it is produced. Our product fish oil is used mainly for soap industries, pharmaceutical, candle and also used to make capsule contain omega-3 fatty acid as human health supplements. Our fish oil is largely purchased by leading leather industries for chamoising and preservation so as to make them impermeable to water.


Characteristics Crude Fish oil Application
Free fatty acids 3% max Application in Aqua feeds, Fish feeds and poultry feeds, agro industries as the
main ingredient
Moisture 1
Peroxide value 20 MEQ/kg
Iodine value 145- 150 max
Saponification value 185-190 max
Thiobarbituric acid value 0.5%
Eicosapentaenoic acid 15 % min
Acid value 6% max
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