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Preparation Method of Fish Meal

The fresh fish is brought to the company in refrigerated condition. The refrigeration is done depending upon the transporting time. The raw material is taken from fish tank to the demetal magnet through screwed conveyor. Thereafter the sieved fish is conveyed to the cookers.

Fish is cooked at 90-95°C for 20-25 minutes in steam cookers. This is done to coagulate or denature the proteins. The fats and water are thereby released and the digestibility of the protein is somewhat improved.

Mechanical liquid-solid separation by twin screw pressing. The oil and water phases (containing water-soluble proteins as well) are separated from the solid phase (press cake). The press cake contains 40-50% of the solids..

Dryer is used and it consists of two drying steps. At the first stage, the press cake is dried at 365°C for 10-15 seconds which removes 60% of water. At the second stage the press cake is dried for 15-20 minutes which leads to a 32% water reduction. Antioxidant (ethoxyquin) is added after drying. Fish meal is cooled and ground at the mill.

Separating the oil and the particles from the liquid phase by subsequent treatment in decanter centrifuges and centrifuge separators. The water phase is now called stick water and contains 6-10% soluble proteins, minerals, salt etc. After concentration in a multi-stage evaporator it is mixed with the press cake before drying.

SSFP follows quality control procedures to confirm quality, clarity, and freshness of fish meal and fish oil products. We take massive care while processing our fish meal and fish oil. We bring out processing, storage, packaging, and other activities in compliance with the international standards of hygiene & safety. We have established an internal quality control department to ensure exceptional standards of quality.

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