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Infrastructure of SSFP

SSFP Company has good name identical to the excellence and consistency in the among industry. The fishmeal and fish oil products that we manufacture are tested in our sophisticated quality control lab to guarantee their quality. SSPPL have installed the following excellent state of art quality testing equipments:

UV Spectrophotometer
Digital pH meter
Kjeltec unit (for protein analysis)
Laminar Airflow
Soxtec unit (for fat estimation)
binocular microscope
Digital IR (Metler-Toledo) and Halogen type moisture analyzers
Muffle Furnace

SSPPL industrial unit is facilitated with modern machinery and technologies to make sure the development and delivery of qualitative range of fish meals and fish oils to the market. Some of the tools and equipments that we use in our production process are listed below:

  SCREW PRESS: It can be used in an extremely wide variety to separate fish liquor (Press Liquor) and fish solids (Press cakes).
  STEAM DRIER: The prime reason for drying is to reduce the moisture content of the non-aqueous material to such a level that insufficient water remains to support the growth of themicro-organisms which feed on it
  PULVERIZER: It can be used for converting into fine particle size of fishmeal.
  SIEVER: To remove the foreign particles/ bones/ scales of fishmeal
  COOLER: To collect only the fine powdered fish meal
  SUPER DECANTERS: To remove the solids from the stick water.
  SUPER CENTRIFUGES: For separation of water and oil from stick water.
  GENSET: The Company got power of 275 KVA from TNEB. As a backup we also istalled 275 KVA genset to ensure continue production even during power failure.
  EFFLUENT TREATMENT: The water that comes out from the plant will be treated as per the norm said by Tamilnadu pollution control Board.
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